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The Shackleton Experience should be a must for any sales meeting, leadership forum, or management training retreat. The presentation has it all: risk management, ethics, crisis leadership, teambuilding, focus, innovation and motivation.

We started by bringing the presentation to our Executive Leadership Team. By the time we were finished we had presented The Shackleton Experience to our entire North American Sales Force”

- Stephen McKenzie, CEO, Larson-Juhl International

“The leadership lessons were both felt and internalized by our executive participants, rather than merely interpreted and analyzed. Plus, the leadership skills exhibited by Shackleton and his men are identical to the competencies identified as necessary for the continued success of the Boeing Company. Bravo, Sir Ernest. Bravo.”

- Jan Wilmott, Former Director, Executive Education The Boeing Company

“Scott Eck is a towering presence as the enigmatic Sir Ernest. James Deken was engaging and affable as Seaman McCarthy, and Mark Lang was perfect as the stuffy Mr. Peabody from The Times.

There was laughter, tears, passionate declarations, and a refreshing amount of active engagement by each and every member of our audience throughout the event. The standing ovation at the end of the presentation says it all.”

  - Jane Caraway, Employee Enrichment & Development, BP

The Shackleton Experience goes far beyond the usual business leadership case. It actually generates passion within each member of the audience; a passion for focused, inspired, value-driven decision-making and leadership. And when you can deliver a business case that generates genuine passion for leadership, you’ve got yourself a winner.”

- Scott Saslow, CLO Forum

“Brilliant, compelling, and powerful, The Shackleton Experience is a magical piece of Business Theater. Scott Eck and his team not only brought bold, decisive leadership to life, their two-hour interactive module became the centerpiece of our North American Sales Meeting.”

  - Jim McCoy, Vice President of Marketing, Larson-Juhl International


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