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The Shackleton Experience | Eck & Lang“The Shackleton Experience” is a unique combination of a very powerful leadership theater experience with an extremely compelling interactive learning session. The program is presented as a 1921 Press Conference celebrating the fifth anniversary of the 1916 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition led by Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Audience members portray the journalists who put forward the questions, and Sir Ernest himself provides the answers. Leading the cast of three actor-facilitators is award-winning actor Scott Eck. Eck portrays the inspiring polar explorer in a performance that has been described as “majestic and soaring”.

The Shackleton Experience | Deken & EckAct One tells the remarkable goal-changing story of the sinking of the ship “Endurance," while Act Two focuses on what is arguably one of the greatest crisis management / transformational leadership cases of all time.

Seven audience members are pre-selected to ask the scripted questions that tell the story of the team of twenty-eight remarkable crewmen. An open forum follows, where audience members are encouraged to ask Sir Ernest any question they like about the expedition, or about the art and practice of bold, inspiring, transformational leadership.


Set - The Shackleton Experience
“The Shackleton Experience” can be presented in almost any space. However, in order to maximize the impact of the piece, Leadership-Masters recommends a space with directional lighting capabilities, a quality sound system, and an excellent Power Point projection system. Worktables are preferred (Either conference style or rounds), equipped with name tents (for smaller groups), note pads and pens.

Timing is flexible, but we recommend the following scenario: Let’s say that the presentation is scheduled to begin at 1PM. The timing would then look like this:

1:00-1:50 PM Act One: The Ship Endurance is Crushed: New Goals and New Strategies
1:50-2:00 Interval
2:00-2:30 Act Two: Extreme Crisis Management and the Power to Inspire
2:30-3:00 Debrief & Take-Aways
3:00-3:30 Optional Break-Outs
3:30-4:00 Optional Report-Outs

Based on the above timing, the presentation can be anywhere from two hours to three hours or even four hours, depending upon the intended outcomes.

No pre-work is necessary in order to fully appreciate “The Shackleton Experience”. However, we can recommend specific books, speakers, and training modules to fully maximize the emotional and transformational impact of the piece.

The base cost for “The Shackleton Experience” includes everything except for shipping and travel. CONTACT US for specifics. Cost is higher for groups larger than 50 participants; and additional speakers, training modules, books, and other educational facilitators and tools would involve additional costs we well.


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